Accountants and bookkeepers required to be registered and qualified

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Would you trust your life in the hands of an unregistered or unqualified medical doctor? No! Then why would you trust your livelihood that your business generates for you in the hands of an unregistered or unqualified accountant or bookkeeper?  Just as every business owner needs good marketing strategies and sales, equally they need good tax compliance and proper, accurate financial records if they are to survive.

Unqualified, cut-rate and shoddy bookkeepers who in the past would illegally tailor a client’s SARS returns according to the client’s orders, or promised the client “tax refunds”, have effectively been taken out of the market place along with those bookkeepers who created legal nightmares for business owners due to lack of tax knowledge and skills.

In our quest to educate business owners and non-profit companies, particularly in the smaller business sector, on better understanding the role and responsibilities of your freelance accountant or bookkeeper, this month the national accounting franchise group, Business Accounting Network (BAN), addresses what you need to know about the rules before you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting function to ensure that the person you hire is registered and legitimate.

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