BAN Launches Free Learning Webinars for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


In our capacity as accountants for a large variety of micro, small and medium business industries, and being business owners ourselves, we have identified numerous areas where small business owners and entrepreneurs miss out on the strategic advantage and competitive edge that successful and large businesses do naturally.  To narrow this gap, accountants of Business Accounting Network have recognized that teaching business owners and entrepreneurs the steps they need to build and preserve a profitable business through our offering of free training webinars may be the solution to what every business owner desires, consistent income and wealth creation.

BAN Advisory, a newly launched and highly specialised advisory division of BAN Accounting, together with it’s specialised alliance partners, will be presenting 30 minutes to 1-hour webinar-based topics throughout the year that are relevant, interesting and informative to the South African small business and entrepreneurial community.

The word Webinar is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’.  A Webinar is an online seminar hosted on the web or internet and is attended exclusively by an online audience in the comfort of your office or home.  All you need to attend a Webinar is a computer, a good internet connection, fully functional speakers and microphone (a standard built-in feature with most computers) and an e-mail link sent by BAN to register and join the specific webinar topic.  This link will allow you to connect to a live presenter from BAN Accounting or BAN Advisory and you will join many other business owners and entrepreneurs from around South Africa and will be able to see and hear the live presentation.

A webinar is nothing like a one-way audience connection.  Despite it being conducted in the virtual environment of the world-wide web, it is interactive communication and messaging with the entire audience and the presenter.

Our target webinar audience are business owners and entrepreneurs that are in the SME sector and start-ups.  Start-ups are businesses that have not traded for more than 5 years.  The SME sector trade in various entities, such as sole proprietors, partnerships, close corporations and private limited companies and are defined as “small”, “micro” or “medium” based on their number of paid employees.

Micro                    5 or less employees

Small                    under 50 employees

As our webinars will be targeting both business owners and enterpreneurs, among those of us with small businesses, there’s often confusion between the terms small Business owner” and Entrepreneur”. Not all who own businesses are equal and therefore their interests in the very broad spectrum of business training differs between business owners and entrepreneurs.

Very often those who look to describe people with their own enterprise will use ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘small business owner’ interchangeably; however, each phrase describes a different kind of person and distinctive mind-sets about how they pursue their business. Both can have small businesses, but they have different styles of leadership and vision. One is not better than the other, they’re just different. A crucial difference between the business owner and the entrepreneur is how they imagine the future of their business.

Small business owners are often happy with how things are, want to make a living and see their business’s as part of the community.  Small business owners are more likely to do something that others are doing, such as opening a shop. Their goals are community-focused – their vision of a successful business is one that is stable, one that is still around 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

Entrepreneurs are focused on growing their business beyond the local level and therefore are not comfortable with things remaining the same.  They like to innovate things and are often technically minded. Entrepreneurs will do things, more often than not, because of passion or opportunity rather than strictly profit or a means of making a living.  The ability to stomach risk is a critical characteristic of the entrepreneur.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are distinct, but invaluable to the modern market-place.

We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.  Business Accounting Network founder and CEO, Monique Sharland started the first accounting franchise of its kind in South Africa 18 years ago at a time when all the naysayers said that accounting and tax services cannot be franchised.  She will be launching BAN Legal this year in joint venture with our commercial attorneys which will be a separate entity to Business Accounting Network (BAN Accounting).  Monique will also be introducing another new venture to compliment the services offered by BAN Accounting, being Business Advisory Network, (BAN Advisory), which will be a division of the franchisor company.

If one were to compare the characteristics of a small business owner with those of a successful entrepreneur, it becomes clear that, to succeed, they both need to go beyond their core competencies and ‘technical skills’ by investing in the right business advice from the professionals and mentoring.

Research shows that many of the causes of small business success or failure can be traced back to business skills and business law compliance, which can be learnt, like adaptability to trends and technology, solutions that meet customer needs, marketing management, selling skills, financial management and cash flow control, to name a few.

Both the business owner and entrepreneur can survive and succeed when the economic, political and social landscape changes making business stability all the more perilous,  provided that they have a better understanding and application of key business skills, like applicable laws affecting them, marketing and financial management.  It can be a greater advantage to business owners if  you have the benefit of access to business advice and to role models.  The enormous value of this cannot be overstated.

So, whether you are new to attending webinars or an old-timer who is raring to achieve more with your time and effort, think of the free webinars we are about to offer you as a platform for gaining greater business and financial knowledge and engaging with our webinar resource persons and field experts.  We are committed to going beyond just accounting, tax and financial statements ………we are committed to assisting with your business success by being your number one business advisor, mentors and business growth specialists.


Monique Sharland, founder and CEO of Business Accounting Network, is a professional accountant, small business tax law expert and franchising and business growth specialist.  She heads up BAN Advisory in association with alliance partners.


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