5 Keys to Unlocking Hidden Money in Your Business … and …Lessons From the Dark Side – What You Can Learn From Liquidators

Finding Hidden Money seminar

In our capacity as accountants and business owners ourselves, we have identified two key areas where SME’s miss out on a guaranteed way to secure a competitive edge that big business does naturally and so have invited Robyn Hey, a commercial attorney and insolvency law expert to join our CEO and accountant, Monique Sharland to host a 2.5 hour afternoon seminar (normally priced at R 2 280) at the special price of R250.00.

Let our accountant show you:

  1. What you should be asking your accountant and measuring what matters.
  2. The common mistakes we see SME businesses make and how to avoid them.
  3. How to stay profitable in the long term in these difficult economic times.
  4. How to make your cash flow consistent and predictable.
  5. What you should be doing to increase your return on investment and ultimately create an asset of value.

Let our attorney show you:

  1. Why businesses fail – the answers will surprise you.
  2. Why business growth is a double edged sword.
  3. Why accurate agreements are the life or death of a business.
  4. How to avoid making the mistakes we see in businesses that have collapsed.

More details on when our next seminar will be held to follow!

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